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Harmonica Triola


Harmonica Triola together with the tutor book help discover hidden talents in children.

The Harmonica Triola is ideal for beginners who are not sure what instrument they really want to play or for those who are too young to be able to play on full, half or quarter size 'mainstream' instruments.  The instrument combines features of wind and keyboard instruments.

As a result of learning to play such instrument the learners will be able to amass musical and technical skills that will enable them to continue their musical adventure on either keyboard/ piano, string or wind instruments.

Children as young as 3 years old can now start their musical journey while learning to play an innovative instrument, using a fun and approachable tutor book.

The book uses full colour code system that enables playing, creating and notating tunes even before the children learn to read and write words.

Cross-curricular links to literacy, maths, history, science and French can help to prepare your child or your students to achieve higher results at school.

The carefully graded learning sequence ensures steady progress while the full-colour music entertains and reinforces the learning along the way.

The Progress Chart and Certificate of Achievement can increase motivation and sense of achievement. 

Excellent book with superb setting and layout. Full colour music-really unique and easy to understand.
Very good book to start with not only for children but also adults who wish to learn music and music theory in a fun an accessible way.
— Zygmunt Zgraja, teacher and world-class harmonica virtuoso
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