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Music school and Family Concerts

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The quality of the lessons is really good!
I can learn new different songs from recent singers.
— Orla, student
I like the lessons because I can learn how to play guitar and to write songs and also to try out electric guitar. In the future I will set up a band and maybe teach some to my little sister
— Antonia, student
I just popped in to see teaching a guitar group as I have heard such wonderful things about the children are progressing.
The parents have also said that they are allowed to come in and observe and they are informed how their children are getting on and what they need to do next.
Well done and keep up with the good work.
— Headteacher
The lessons are fun and I always learn new things. Every lesson is excellent
— Panayotis, student
I am very pleased with my son’s progress in playing guitar. The teacher provided by Forte And Vivace is punctual, has good knowledge of music and is very enthusiastic about teaching.
— Mother
I have been studying with a tutor from Forte And Vivace for 1 and half years. My teacher is marvelous!
She has all the right equipment and she is highly professional. We are even able to do professional recordings at her teaching studio. I gained the ability to: sing in pitch; use diaphragm; able to release tension; and improve the pronunciation of words.
— Mo, student
What I really like about the lessons are relaxing atmosphere, good quality of lessons and frequent homework and assessment.
— Sylvia, student